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Saturday, 28/01/2023, 9:35 AM
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I will be giving the server some updates. So it will be down for a short while. Maybe a hour or so. check back to see if its up.

Due to some unforeseen changes the update will be on hold for a short time while I get these changes in order.

3-21-11 5:44 cmt
Going to do updates, so the server will be down for a while. I'll have it back up before long. keep checking back.
Views: 658 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 20/03/2011

Well it looks like skill enchanting was enabled without codex. This has been changed to default and it looks like no one was able to take advantage of it.

Please vote. We only need vote from the links on the right side of the page.

This is a temp page. I am working on a better site.
Views: 621 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 15/03/2011

Please vote. We only need vote from the links on the right side of the page.

This is a temp page. I am working on a better site.
Views: 608 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 11/03/2011

 All right guys we have our final IP. So to connect add this to your host file This will not change again.

Also fixed Bless the Blood. And I'm working on a raid boss Gatekeeper.

Don't forget to check out the servers changes here.
This will reflect the changes I've made to the server so far.

And also guidelines I've set here.

Added RaidBoss Event! It will run every 4hrs.
Views: 680 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 10/03/2011

Soon the IP will change permanently to (Not Yet)
until then you can connect to the server with this

Added the missing recipes A grade as full armor in the Luxury Shop. If you notice anything else that is missing or isn't right. PM Dude in game and leave a message or post it here in the forum.
Views: 681 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 07/03/2011

Welcome to Lilith's server forum. The server is Up and going!

Add this to your host file.

Added a vote link and will add more. Please take the time to vote

There shouldn't be anymore IP changes. so add this Ip to your host and add it to your friend's host and join the game.

Dam ISP didn't put me on static ip even tho thats what i wanted with the internet package. the first package to offer static ip. so the IP was updated and sometime between now and 24hrs from now the IP will change again for the last time to a static ip.

sorry about the run around guys
Views: 1063 | Added by: Stomper | Date: 23/02/2011

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